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Naama Aaronson, Papier Mache Sculpting
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My name is Naama Aaronsohn.
I am an artist -- I create papier-mâché sculptures.
I live and work in Jerusalem.

People fascinate me. I live both alongside them and among them. I watch them with an inquiring stare, study their external features and try to uncover their identity, and then expose them. They represent daily life, glimpses of events, sights, memories, photographs and dreams. My people live out their lives on the boundary between fragments of reality and the anonymity created by imagination.
The people who pass by me every day are branded into my memory.
Most of them will fade away from my mind with the passage of time. But those who pass through the filter of my eye and memory eventually turn into sculptures. These are not an exact imitation of the reality that I have seen, but rather they are new images that are living in my own reality.

Indeed paper, just like the images that served as inspiration for me, is an endlessly amenable material. In its natural state paper is easily obtainable, soft and disposable—but in the course of creating the sculpture I turn it into a something tough, enduring and multilayered. The materials that form the basis of my creations—memories and paper—are transient. My work endows them both with a long and concrete existence.

The sculptures are made using different techniques of "Papier Mache".
I don't use paint on my sculptures. The final spectacular colour scheme stems from the use of different types of coloured paper as the external layer.

Solo exhibitions
1994 "Papier Mache", Tirosh gallery, Jaffa
1997 "People 96", The Jerusalem theatre, for the Israel festival
1999 "From here and there", Crystal office building, Ramat Gan
1999 "The wait", The Opera house, Tel Aviv
1999 "Untitled", Art Gallery, Kibbutz Na'an
2000 "Visitors", Ashdod city museum, Ashdod
2005 "A Meal", Wilfrid Israel museum, Kibbutz Ha'Zorea
2006 "A Meal", Ashdod city museum, Ashdod
2007 "A Meal", Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem
2007 "A Meal", Municipal Gallery, Rishon Le'Zion
2008 "A Meal", Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan
2010 "It is all about people", The museum tower, Tel-aviv
2012 "People", The Supreme Court Building, Jerusalem
2018 "My dead ones"Periscope – Contemporary Design Gallery, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions
1998 "The Garden – A metaphor", Botanical Gardens, Jerusalem
2000 "Contemporary Art at the Pasteur House", Jaffa
2000 "Israel 2000 – Identity Card", The Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem
2001 "World of Childhood", Meirov Art Centre, Holon
2001 "L'objectif Subjectif", Art Gallery – Esch Theatre, Luxembourg
2002 "Autoportrait", The Gallery, Ein Hod
2003 "Ten women and one man", Gallery at the Stage Centre,
Ganei Tikva
2003 "FABRICation", Ashdod Museum, Arad Museum,
Municipal Gallery, Kfar Saba
2004 "Sculptures", Petach Tikva Culture Center
2005 "As if the flow never stopped", High-Touch – A place for contemporary art, Herzliya
2005 5th International Paper Triennial, Val de Charmey Museum, Switzerland
2007 "Art for the People", Rishon Le'Zion City Hall
2008 "Salt of the Earth – An Israeli Portrait", Wilfrid Israel museum, Kibbutz Ha'Zorea
2008 "Material & Immaterial – Paper Art in Israel", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2008 "Signs of Love", "Begova Haeinayim" Center, Holon
2010 "Deconstructivism: disassembling & assembling", Apart.Art,
Tel Aviv
2010 "Israeli Art Exhibition 2010", Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv
2010 "The Art of Consumption", Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel-Aviv
2010 "When Two Loves Meet", Gallery Hotel, Haifa
2011 "Israeli Art Exhibition 2011", Hapoalim Bank, Tel-Aviv
2011 "Paper Taste", Design Space Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2011 "Food, Go for it", The Municipal Gallery, Raanana
2012 "Israeli Art Exhibition 2012", Hapoalim Bank, Tel-Aviv
2012 "The Passion for Shoes", Gerstein Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2013 "Paper Art in Israel 2", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv
2014 "Doing Now", Einav Culture Center, Tel-Aviv
2014 "Israeli Art Exhibition", Hapoalim Bank, Tel-Aviv
2015 "Israeli Art Exhibition", Praterinsel, Munich
2015 "What's Funny?", Children's Museum, Holon
2015 "Fiction & The Pulp", Negev Museum of Art, Be'er -Sheva
2016 "Israeli Art Exhibition"Hapoalim Bank , Tel Aviv
2017 "“Nature Impression" 3rd International Paper Biennal , Be’er –Sheva
2019 "Textual Textures" Negev Artist's House, Beer Sheva
2021 "Capsule" Supreme Court , Jerusalem
2021 "Fellowship" Supreme Court , Jerusalem
2021 "International women's day" Supreme Court , Jerusalem
2022 "Encounters Through Paper" 5th International Paper Biannale , Beer Sheva